Cool Blue’s mission is to create an Integration Consultancy that clients trust, and enjoy working with.

Focusing on IBM’s Websphere IIB and MQ products, our combination of experienced consultants with decades of experience and highly skilled university graduates have a thoroughly unique perspective on the market, allowing us to provide the solutions our clients truly need.



  • Cost effective, save up to 50% on traditional costs
  • High quality services
  • No time zone issues
  • No language challenges
No Risk

Why not let us take the risk: we are offering a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the quality of our service. We believe so passionately in the service we provide and that the quality and cost of our services are the best around, you will never be disappointed.


Off-the-Shelf Solutions

We speed up integration time by providing a selection of off-the-shelf solutions for common functions such as:

  • Error handling
  • Logging
  • Events

In addition to these we also have existing solutions for integrating with many systems, such as Shopify.

Continuous Integration Platform

We have designed and built our own continuous integration environment using Jenkins, JIRA, Gerrit, and Nexus.
Currently hosted in AWS, a similar system could easily be implemented into customer systems.


Flexibility in How We Work

Being a small team we are extremely flexible with how we work, meaning we can fulfil the wishes of the client in whatever way they see fit.

Off-Shore Partnership

In addition to our in-house team we also have a relationship with a similar company in Spain. This relationship means that if we take on a large project they can provide extra developers to us to help us fulfil the contract.


  1. Design Services

    We can produce 3 levels of design, high level, detailed and technical.

  2. Development Services

    By our highly skilled and UK based consultants.

  3. Project Management Services

    Giving project cohesion leading to successful projects.

  4. Administration Services

    Let us take the pain of administering your installation from you.

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